Explore the Advantages of Buying a Used Car in Rochester Hills

The age-old question when looking for a vehicle is whether to buy new or used? There are certainly benefits to buying a new car but there are just as many to buying a used one, too. That is why our team of used car experts at Huntington Ford, located right here in Rochester Hills, want to tell you all about the many benefits of purchasing a vehicle from our used car lineup!

Huge Savings With Relatively Low Mileage

Just because a car is used doesn't mean that it's a subpar vehicle. In fact, many used sedans can offer some of the best value to consumers, while used SUVs deliver outstanding capability. Once a few thousand miles have been put on a car, its price is considerably lowered but it remains every bit as efficient and reliable. This means thousands more in savings which consumers can put towards other things like a family vacation or putting extra savings aside towards retirement.

Ability To Review History Of The Car

Many used cars have only had one owner, and, in some cases, the car was purchased at our dealership. This allows you to receive a very detailed history of the car. This way, you know up front if there have ever been any issues with the vehicle and how often it was brought in for regular servicing. Some brand new cars have recalls soon after hitting the road so buying used allows issues such as these to be identified and remedied far before you become the owner.

Having A Low Or No Car Payment

Because buying used saves so much money up front, you can almost always count on a low monthly car payment. Plus, because the total value of the loan is lower, you are usually able to secure a lower interest rate. Finally, because used cars have lower sticker prices, some car buyers may be able to buy the car outright. This means absolutely no monthly car payment has to be made.

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