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Huntington Ford answers your frequently asked questions about our Rochester Hills MI Ford service center

At Huntington Ford in Rochester Hills MI, we don't only love helping shoppers from Troy MI and the surrounding areas buy or lease new Ford vehicles. We also love helping them enjoy ownership with as few headaches as possible, and we do that with our Ford service center. Below we'll demystify frequently asked questions about common Ford services, helping to make you a more confident Ford owner.

Why service with us?

There are many local mechanics in the area, and while we don't want to knock their skills, we see the value in coming into our Ford dealership for maintenance and upkeep.

What are some common services?

While you don't need to know all the nitty-gritty details about service to own a Ford (you can leave that knowledge to our service center team), we understand that having a baseline understanding makes the drive in from Sterling Heights MI for service less stressful and inspires more confidence when strange noises or issues come up. Here are some commons services we can help you with:

Oil Changes

The oil change service is one of the most common we do at our service center, and people still have some outdated beliefs. For example, you don't need to come in from Rochester MI every 3,000 miles for an oil change. Instead, check your owner's manual for the model-specific interval, which will probably be around 7,500 miles or at least once a year for lessees who don't rack up too many miles.

Even though the oil change is basic and common, that doesn't mean you should skip it. Fresh oil does a better job of lubricating important parts of the vehicle and keeping the engine cool. Skipping oil changes can result in overheating, reduced fuel efficiency ratings, and possible and expensive engine damage!

Brake Service

Everyone wants to stop on time, which is why perceived brake issues always bring shoppers into our service center! Here are some signs you might need brake service from our trained team!

When these issues crop up, we'll check the thickness of your brake pads and see if there is any leaking brake fluid. We'll also do scheduled brake service on your Ford vehicle, and for most models that takes place around 50,000 miles.

Battery Service

Whether you're in the parking lot of your office or in your driveway, realizing you have a dead battery is never a fun discovery. If you don't have the auto on/off light setting turned on, or it's a very cold winter, you can accidentally kill your battery and need a jump from a good Samaritan or our roadside delivery service.

Too many of these mistakes can weaken your battery and shorten its lifespan. Signs your battery might be dying include flickering dash lights, radio, and overhead lights when you turn the key or press the push button start, or you notice your Ford takes longer to turn over. The battery warning light is also a good heads up that something is amiss!

If you notice any of these problems, come in for battery service and inspection before the battery totally dies and, if necessary, we'll order you a Genuine Ford battery. Batteries should also be checked regularly when they're around 3 years old to ensure they're still in good shape.

Tire Care

The humble (and not overly attractive) tires are easily overlooked when it comes to vehicle safety, but not having proper tires can make you unsafe on the road. Low tread on the tires is unsafe in all conditions-rain, shine, or snow- and we can help you order new tires when the time comes for a new set.

Since buying tires can be expensive, we'll help you extend your tire's lifespan for as long as safely possible with regular tire rotations and, if necessary, alignments so everything wears evenly. We're also the place to come to if you need snow tires to take on Utica MI winters with confidence and ease. Visit our tire care page to learn more and see what eligible rebates are available to make purchasing a new set more cost effective.

We hope this FAQ page has taken some of the mystery out of these common and important services that help your Ford drive safely around Auburn Hills MI and beyond! If you think your Ford needs a repair, or you're coming up on an appointment for scheduled maintenance, use our online service scheduler to choose a time and date that fits your busy schedule!

  • Our trained service center technicians work on Ford models and not a wide range of vehicle, so they know the brand like the back of their hand
  • They're plugged directly into the manufacturer, meaning they know about news, best practice tips, and recalls right away
  • They receive regular training to stay up to day on Ford's ever-complex tech and engineering systems
  • We only order Genuine Ford Parts and Accessories through our parts center, unlike mechanics who will go with lower-quality aftermarket picks
  • Unlike many dealerships, we also have a collision center that can handle major repairs and the ins-and-outs of working with insurance companies
  • We offer roadside assistance that covers warranty and non-warranty towing, collision towing, fuel delivery, battery jump starts, and flat tire changes. Visit the roadside assistance page to learn more!
  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Service
  • Battery Service
  • Tire Care
  • There's a burning smell when you brake
  • When you brake your Ford pulls to one side
  • The pedal has a soft or "spongy" feel when you press down
  • The brake warning light is on your dashboard
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